Information Services & Technology


In 2015, IS&T launched a multiyear Information Security Roadmap, which outlined key initiatives (e.g., Information Security training and awareness, policies and procedures development and security tools rollout). Following this roadmap will allow Jefferson to leverage technology and our workforce in the fight to defend Jefferson against cyber-threats.

Key Roadmap Initiatives

1. Monitoring activity on the Dark Web

The Dark Web is the World Wide Web content that requires specific software, configuration or authorization to access. The Dark Web forms a small part of the Deep Web; the part of the Web not indexed by search engines

2. Web application monitoring

Web application monitoring is the process of testing and verifying that Jefferson’s users can interact with authorized websites or web applications as expected (i.e., uptime, performance and functionality).

3. Email advanced threat protection

  • Disabling Email auto-forwarding
  • Blocking email on new mobile devices not managed by IS&T
  • Emailing Sender Policy Framework (SPF) to only allow email sent on behalf of authorized domains