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Jefferson IS&T Implements Additional Security Measures for Devices, Email


IST Pop-Up Message Example

When users' computers are patched by IS&T, they will receive this pop-up message alerting that their computer will reboot in two minutes. Users should be sure to save their work so it is not lost.

Approximately one week after the last phishing attack, another massive cyber-attack has impacted several countries, specifically targeted to hospitals.

In order to protect Jefferson against this new threat, IS&T is accelerating our schedule for  ‘patching,'  a type of security protection that is deployed to all Jefferson-issued computers.

Once your computer is patched, you will receive the pop-up message shown here, which will alert you that your computer will reboot in two minutes. When you see this notification, please be sure to save your work so it is not lost.

Advanced Threat Protection for Jefferson Emails

Jefferson is also turning on Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for our email system. By turning on ATP, all emails containing attachments and/or hyperlinks will be inspected. During this inspection process, you might experience a delay in viewing attachments and launching hyperlinks.

As a reminder, please refrain from checking personal email on institutional workstations, and be sure to patch your home devices.