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Wave 1: Basic Things To Know Before Logging Into Epic


One of the key issues many Epic clients experience at Go-Live is related to End Users logging in and accessing the system. To help minimize those types of issues at Jefferson, the Epic@Jeff Project Team is planning carefully in advance. Below are some important details that will help you understand and prepare for logging in and accessing our new Epic system.

Q: What types of logins will you use after Go-Live?

Login highlighted

The User Name field will be blank and ready for SSO login or tap in, or it will contain a user ID "grayed out" if a user is logged into a private workstation.

A: The following options describe several different types of logins you might experience.

Private Workstation:

  • Applicable for schegistration areas, offices, non-clinical areas, etc.
  • For use by a single person at once
  • User Name field (indicated in red) will display campus key of current user “grayed out,” so another user cannot log in or tap in with SSO badge tap

Shared Workstation:

  • Found in patient care areas, etc.
  • For use by multiple caregivers logging or tapping in and out as needed
  • User Name field (indicated in red) will be blank, so another user can log in or tap in with SSO badge tap

SSO-Enabled Applications:

  • Passwords entered for workstation access will “pass through” to Epic, JeffChart, Allscripts, iSite and LifeImage, so you will not need to log into each application separately.
  • Caregivers with SSO badges can tap in instead of entering their password for the same SSO functionality.
  • Additional applications will be enabled for SSO in the future.
  • Please read more about the SSO Login process here. 

Other Applications:

  • End Users should continue to enter their login information for other third party systems (not enabled for SSO) as usual.

Q: Why should you pay attention to login departments when signing into Epic?

A: When you first log into Epic, you will be prompted to select your “login department” - the location or area in which you primarily work.

  • Logging into the correct department is important because it will impact the screens you see in Epic, your default settings, printing behavior and other variables.
  • If you work in multiple areas at different times, you might see more than one department listed. Please ensure you select the appropriate area.
  • For future logins, you will not need to choose your login department unless you are working in a different area. Epic will default to your previous selection until changed.

Q: What should you do if you have questions or issues when logging in?

A: If you have issues logging into Epic at any time during Go-Live, please ask a Super User in your area for at-the-elbow support.

  • If your Super User cannot determine and resolve the issue, he or she will log and report it for escalation and resolution by the Epic@Jeff Command Center staff.