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Sharing of Secure Clinical Patient Information through the HealthShare Exchange of Southeastern Pennsylvania


In our ever advancing technological world, more and more information is available at our finger tips. Why should healthcare information be any different? If Mary gets into a car accident and is rushed to the nearest hospital for care, her primary care physician may never know unless Mary thinks to call – and calling her PCP for any follow-up is probably the last thing on Mary’s mind. With the HealthShare Exchange (HXS) of Southeastern Pennsylvania, a health information organization for the five-county Southeastern Pennsylvania region, patient information becomes available at physician’s finger tips.

So how does HSX work? All subscribing hospitals in the area send their inpatient admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) information to the HSX. For hospitals that have chosen to be a part of the HSX, ADT information is shared among them, through secure daily reports.

As a founding member of HSX, Jefferson physicians already get a secure email once a day that tells them which of their patients have been admitted to any other hospital who also participates in the HSX. Once the report is received, it’s the physicians’ decision how they would like to follow-up with their patients.

HSX provides numerous services, some of which are live right now on Jefferson’s Center City campus, Abington campus and Aria campus:

  • Encounter Notification Service (ENS): Delivers providers and payers who subscribe to the service a notification via direct secure messaging when one of their patients or members is hospitalized or presents to an emergency department.
  • Master Patient Index (MPI): A database of patients in the HSX service area, against which HSX applies sophisticated matching algorithms to confirm the identity of a patient who comes into care within the regional health system.
  • Patient Opt Out Service: Through the HSX website, consumers or providers can access an online, fax, or mail form permitting patients to remove themselves (opt out) or reinstate themselves (opt back in) to the exchange.

The Encounter Notification Service for providers was a big accomplishment and would not have been possible without the help of Jerry Magrann, IS&T Manager, who set up all the initial data feeds to HSX.

Maria Ricci, Director, Analytics & Reporting and her team have also been instrumental with Jefferson’s subscription to the HSX by providing the monthly primary care patient rosters to HSX.

Additional services are planned to be implemented along with our Wave 1 Epic Go-Live, and post Go-Live. Tariq Khan, Senior EHR Application Analyst, is leading one of the most user-friendly features to come, Direct Secure Messaging (Direct). Direct will allow providers to search the entire HSX network for their patients in one place and receive one report in return; rather than receiving individual reports from each HSX member hospital and having to search through them for their patients. This will help make the information available from the HSX even more valuable.

A big thanks to Kathy McNeill, IS&T Program Manager, who has been leading Jefferson’s HSX implementation, allowing Jefferson to continually evolve the way we care for patients.