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IS&T Innovation Helps Improve Patient Safety With New AvaSys Patient Monitoring System



Team members from Abington’s Nursing Informatics, Biomed, Technical Services and Media Services departments recently collaborated to implement AvaSys, a centralized patient monitoring system from AvaSure.

The patient flow center at Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health started using its new AvaSys system on July 22. High-quality video cameras allow a trained observer in a central location to carefully monitor as many as 12-15 patients who require personal observation. AvaSys allows for full-room viewing as well as panning, tilting and zooming for close observation, and infrared permits low-light observation when needed. The fully HIPAA-compliant system also features a “privacy curtain” that can be activated by in-room staff for patient privacy during exams or other sensitive times. 

Using AvaSys, Abington providers will be able to more efficiently and effectively intervene in time to prevent potentially dangerous patient falls, self-injury, or elopement. 

Some of the key team members who helped lead this collaborative project include Diane Humbrecht, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer; Sean Patrowich, Media Services Supervisor; Harry Ely, Bio-Medical Equipment Specialist; and George Dreyer, Network Analyst.