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Analytics And Reporting Team Leverages Data To Seize Benefits Of 340B Drug Pricing Program


The 340B Drug Pricing Program from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient medications to eligible health care organizations and covered entities at significantly reduced prices. In order to manage the program and maintain compliance, hospitals use software to manage and track all 340B activity. Vendors then require data feeds to verify claim eligibility and complete the processing. That’s where the Analytics and Reporting Team comes into the picture.

The team recently helped pull and supply the needed information precisely according to requirements, earning them accolades from Jefferson’s vendor for “outstanding professionalism, ideas and project management” as well as a “thorough understanding of data and technology” and “team player” approach. Senior Business Intelligence analyst, Allison Esslinger led the project, developers Carolyn Mengel and Micky Tricocci extracted data, and Joe Neff helped automate the delivery of the data. As a result of their efforts, Jefferson will maximize its savings opportunities and reach the highest state of compliance with 340B.

In today’s health care environment, where it is essential to stretch scarce Federal resources, reach more eligible patients and provide more comprehensive services, this accomplishment will make a real difference in the bottom line and Jefferson’s ability to continue providing the best care possible.