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IS&T Kicks Off Data Governance Program


Data Governance describes how an organization plans, defines, organizes and executes the proper handling of its key data assets through people, processes and technology. As our capabilities continue to mature, it has become increasingly clear that we need to develop a coordinated governance program to more effectively align our data assets with Jefferson’s strategic objectives. In April, we launched a formal data governance process with input from a wide cross-section of the enterprise, including Clinical Operations, Research, Academic, Finance, Legal & Compliance and Corporate Strategy from the Center City and Abington campuses.

The Data Governance Executive Council (DGEC) kicked off on April 13, and the resulting Data Steward Workgroup will have its kickoff this month. Members of that workgroup were selected based on their deep understanding of functional areas and appreciation of data as an essential asset. Workgroup members will be responsible for:

  • Developing, implementing and enforcing data governance policies and procedures related to business glossary, master data management, data quality, metadata management, information life-cycle management and business process integration.
  • Serving as “data ambassadors” across the Jefferson enterprise to promote bidirectional communication with business functions – ensuring data governance addresses important operational objectives and strengthens engagement with the business community.

We have identified the need for a dedicated leader of Data Stewardship to ensure the success of our data governance program. In the interim, Maria Ricci, Director of Reporting and Analytics, will oversee the data governance program office direct workgroup activities. Maria will also facilitate five initial Data Stewardship Workgroups that will focus on Quality, Patient Access, Finance, Research and Legal & Compliance.