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I Love Jeff

Jefferson Reimagined

Healthcare is deeply personal – and our industry is changing to one where our patients, students and community are expecting even more personalized and convenient care as the paradigm shifts to a value-based, patient-centric model.

Inspired by Jefferson's Blueprint for Strategic Action and powered by innovation, Jefferson Reimagined will cultivate a beautiful equation of reframed thinking combined with state-of-the-art technologies -- to equal a connection with the Jefferson community at a deep emotional level through unprecedented accessibility, personalization and self-service capability. 

Jefferson Reimagined is a program with six essential platforms, all holistically connected, which will enable all Jefferson stakeholders to interact within a robust and secure virtual community of passionate and engaged Jeffersonians.

After experiencing and engaging with these platforms, all who come in contact with Jefferson will say, I Love Jeff!

I Love Jeff


Forward Thinking Education: myJeffEd is the future of health education realized at Jefferson – from next-generation, immersive virtual reality learning experiences to market-driven, revenue-generating programs delivered through the Institute of Emerging Health Professionals (ieHP). It creates unparalleled value by attracting the best students who will become our future healthcare leaders and endearing those students, alumni and faculty to the Jefferson mission and vision.


One Jefferson: JeffDigital unifies, optimizes, and revolutionizes Jefferson’s digital presence – delivering a unique, engaging, competitive, and strategically aligned digital experience for patients, students, staff and donors. It drives growth and supports further development of the Jefferson brand by leveraging social, mobile and targeted content, and regularly measuring outcomes to ensure alignment with pillars and key initiatives.


Seamless Clinical Enterprise: JeffConnect encompasses key outreach initiatives and establishes Jefferson as a transformative leader – not just in telehealth, but in community health, population health, personalized health care and continuous remote health management. It creates unparalleled value by delivering next-generation health services to patients and families anytime and anywhere as part of a seamless clinical enterprise.


High-Impact Science: JeffDiscovery enhances Jefferson’s role as a highly advanced, research-driven institution by enabling our researchers to qualify for clinical and translational science awards and patient-centered outcomes research institute grants. It will create unparalleled value by attracting leading industry partners and researchers, winning research grants in an increasingly competitive environment, and driving stronger impacts from Jefferson’s research.


Patients & Families First: myJeffHealth is a destination where patients and families will virtually navigate their health care story through journey apps, physically navigate their way around our health system through wayfinding apps, and access health benefits beyond the behavioral threshold through nudge apps. It is a unique and innovative solution that will create unparalleled value by attracting patients to Jefferson, enhancing their access to services in a personalized manner, improving engagement and increasing loyalty.


Programs of Global Distinction: JeffWise gives Jefferson’s stakeholders actionable insights to drive smarter clinical, operational and financial decisions by upgrading and expanding our ability to understand and analyze data across a wide range of health-related disciplines. It creates unparalleled value by making health, health education and discovery smarter.