Information Services & Technology


The IS&T Governance structure has been established to ensure leaders and stakeholders can effectively monitor progress at the portfolio and project levels and fully understand any impacts or risks to their areas. Oversight is distributed across four teams:

  • Executive Steering Committee, also referred to as the Cabinet
  • Operational Oversight Team
  • Individual Pillar Leadership Teams
  • Program Management Office

These groups work together to produce and manage the enterprise project portfolio, providing focus and alignment at each level to ensure IS&T resources can effectively support organizational strategies and operations.

Operational Oversight Team

Jefferson’s Operational Oversight team oversees the project prioritization process, providing focus and alignment at the enterprise level to ensure IS&T resources are effectively supporting the organization’s strategy and operations.

Pillar Leadership Teams

To effectively provide project portfolio governance and manage demand at the Pillar level, representation from across each Pillar is critical. Pillar Membership Teams are comprised of the Pillar’s Chairperson, business leaders from within the Pillar, and IS&T leaders. These leaders work in concert with IS&T to fully own and move forward on project requests based on strategic and operational goals.

Program Management Office (PMO)

The IS&T Project Management Office (PMO) supports the Jefferson Enterprise IS&T Governance program by aligning intake with corporate strategy, working with all Pillar leaders to prioritize and execute work, and performing routine checks to ensure IS&T projects are completed on time, on scope and on budget.

The PMO operates within a set of Guiding Principles, which have been developed based on Jefferson’s vision, strategic direction, culture and core values. They are used to guide actions and decision making within the PMO Leadership and all project teams. 

Clinical Academic Philanthropy Innovation
Enterprise Business
Enterprise Analytics
Information Security
Infrastructure & Operations
  • Owns Agenda
  • Drives Exclusion
  • Facilitates Decision Making & Execution
Voting Members
  • Drive Enterprise Thinking & Decision Making
  • Prioritization
  • Communication
Ad-hoc Participants
  • Support process by bringing specific and relevant expertise to topic under consideration

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles