Information Services & Technology

Epic@Jeff Vision & Guiding Principles

Beginning in 2012, the Critical Care Systems Task Force, the Ad Hoc EMR Committee of the MEC, and the participants in the EHR planning process developed and promoted a consistent vision for an integrated Electronic Health Record. These are the principles that will guide our implementation.

One patient, One record, One Jefferson – All in!

  • Establish a unified, consistent and complete Jefferson chart for every patient.
  • Enable an outstanding patient experience through ease of access to services and  information.
  • Facilitate high quality and safe patient care with the use of timely, accessible and  intelligent systems.
  • Foster communication across the care continuum with a unified patient record.
  • Improve operational efficiency by eliminating duplication of effort and standardizing  workflow.
  • Ensure availability, portability and seamless flow of information where and when  needed.
  • Facilitate performance improvement, quality measures and public reporting with  needed data.
  • Enable clinical research by collecting, aggregating and providing access to appropriate data.
  • Support healthcare education by providing decision support, documentation, and other  teaching aids.
  • Promote Jefferson’s position as a leader, innovator and destination for clinical care, education and clinical research.


ONE Patient
ONE Record
ONE Jefferson

ON Time
ON Budget
ON Scope