Information Services & Technology

Application Definitions

The Epic@Jeff suite of applications will transform the way Jefferson delivers high-quality, patient-centered care.  Each application is intuitively named based on its purpose.  For example, ASAP will be used in the emergency department, Stork will organize obstetric care and EpicCare will contain the patient’s chart.  Each application offers its own benefits but all will provide better functionality, ease of use and efficiencies for Jefferson’s clinicians, business professionals and patients.

(Inpatient Registration)

ADT improves bed utilization by providing tools to better manage hospital stays from pre-admission through discharge.  Clinicians can easily update their patient's information, plan for upcoming ADT events and follow-up on missing data.


Anesthesia provides clinical documentation tools wherever anesthesia services are needed.  It is integrated with OpTime and EpicCare to streamline documentation workflows.


ASAP streamlines workflows to improve care delivery in busy emergency departments.  The integration of ASAP with Epic's other clinical applications allows access to comprehensive patient information and active decision-support.


Beaker is fully integrated with EpicCare and eliminates other interfaces.  It utilizes barcode-enabled workflows to track specimens and uses work lists to display outstanding and overdue tests in real time.

(Medical Oncology)

For medical oncology, Beacon allows physicians to create treatment plans and make decisions based on enhanced decision-support.


Any type of visit or procedure can easily be scheduled at Jefferson using Cadence.  Staff can keep specific time slots open, take patient preferences into account and easily check for conflicts.

(iPad technology platform)

For use with iPads, Canto provides access to Epic charts, messaging, and other EMR functions.  Physicians can check schedules, respond to messages, dictate notes, and review lab results from anywhere.

Care Everywhere

Care Everywhere enables interoperability— meaning multiple systems having the ability to communicate — so the patient has records no matter where they are.

(Report Writer)

Clarity is Epic’s reporting application which provides information on patient outcomes, clinical effectiveness and other metrics.


For cardiovascular care, Cupid features procedure-specific clinical documentation and offers streamlined consult, follow-up and referral workflows.

EpicCare Ambulatory

EpicCare Ambulatory combines chart review, order management, and documentation into a system that learns user preferences.  It also organizes patient information, suggests actions, and guides coordinated care across physical care settings.

EpicCare   Inpatient

EpicCare Inpatient connects members of the Jefferson care team to a single record and its embedded clinical intelligence capabilities.  It promotes clinical decision-making based on the most recent information to provide the safest, most effective and coordinated care.

EpicCare Link

EpicCare Link gives referring physicians secure, Web-based access to information about care provided at Jefferson and helps them follow the progress of their patients’ care.  It enables ease of coordinating ongoing care, allows for secure messaging, and makes referrals faster and more efficient.

(smartphone technology platform)

Haiku gives physicians secure and portable access to their patient's charts both in and outside of the hospital on their smartphone.  Physicians can perform chart review, see patient lists, schedule, search, message, e-prescribe, dictate and capture clinical images with Haiku.

(Patient Health Record)

Lucy is a patient health record that allows patients to organize their medical information in one readily accessible place.  The information within Lucy is available to clinicians as part of Epic’s integrated electronic chart.

MyChart Bedside

MyChart Bedside is a patient-driven, interactive tablet application that strengthens the patient's relationship with his or her care team.  Some options include a real-time schedule of planned procedures, a hub for patient education to promote quick recovery and reductions in readmissions, as well as a much overdue improvement on the nurse call button for patient requests.

MyChart Patient Portal

MyChart Patient Portal is a powerful tool for communicating with patients, connecting them to their care, and improving staff productivity after go-live.  It features direct appointment scheduling, prescription renewals, and medical advice messaging which allow patients to complete initial data entry to save staff time.

OpTime (Perioperative)

OpTime improves inpatient and ambulatory surgeon productivity by providing an integrated system that includes scheduling, preference card management, anesthesia record keeping, pre-op assessments, procedure record, and PACU documentation. 


Phoenix supports the focused clinical workflows and detailed regulatory requirements of solid organ transplants.

(Ambulatory Registration)

Registration becomes intuitive, efficient, and virtually error-proof with Prelude.  It provides extensive error-checking and ease of delegating tasks to staff.


Radiant is fully integrated with Epic's other systems and combines tools for rules-based scheduling, documentation, results communication, chart/film tracking and detailed statistical reporting.  Images and reports can be linked within Radiant and accessed by multiple users in multiple departments at the same time.

Resolute Hospital Billing

Coordinates inpatient and outpatient billing for hospitals to streamline billing and collection processes, reduce payer denials, and minimize days in Accounts Receivable.  Resolute automatically completes appropriate fields and submits claims in HIPAA-compliant transaction formats.


Stork organizes the complete course of obstetric care and supports the unique documentation workflow of labor and delivery.


Willow's capabilities link pharmacists, ordering physicians, and nurses to a single order record which provides easier monitoring of treatments, improved medical outcomes, and better patient safety.  Orders made through EpicCare flow directly to Willow for verification and dispensing while simultaneously appearing on the medical administration record.