Information Services & Technology


Each day, IS&T lives and breathes the essence of Dr. Klasko’s vision to “reimagine health care, health education, and discovery…” by reimagining the definition of what an "IT shop" is all about. We are taking information technology to the next level through the creation of an “innovation driven ecosystem,” where we achieve a thoughtful balance of support for Jefferson’s ongoing technology needs, while also reimagining processes and consumer experiences through the application of new digital technologies.

So it might not surprise you that we are reframing the way Jefferson’s stakeholders interact with technology through simplified, personalized, convenient and user-friendly experiences.

Under the construct of CDICE, we are advancing our work in mobile and web app design and development as we collaborate with innovation leaders and teams across all Pillars to enhance the way we conduct day-to-day operations, deliver seamless patient care, and support education and research.